When protecting the climate and planet becomes law

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Soon, the “writing on the wall” will force government to regulate business, yet again. This time it will be to save us, from ourselves. Wildfires, floods and extreme weather events are just a precursor of what is coming our way. If business does not step up to the plate and dramatically cut carbon emissions, government is going to do it for you. If you wait, it will cost more and bring you little financial gain. If you jump on board now, and cleverly market your achievements, you can turn the climate crisis into economic opportunity. Less than 5% of small businesses have taken meaningful action to curb their carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

Sadly, the opportunity to take such action, and turn that action into meaningful communications to increase your viability, is rapidly coming to a close. Why? Because within the next few years all levels of government will take strong regulatory action to force business to comply with climate policy. With a few strokes of a pen, government will increase carbon taxes and penalize business that do not comply with environmental law. Those businesses that already took action to curb emissions will be lightyears ahead, and find it far easier and cheaper to comply.

We all know that taking proactive action is far less costly, literally and figuratively, than trying to clean up the mess after the Sh##!!t hits the fan. In regard to taking action on the climate crisis, this means thoughtfully planning and implementing carbon reduction in a way the best suits your business. Its far cheaper than waiting to rush, in a crisis. And as energy prices creep up (fossil fuel-based energy prices will skyrocket soon), proactive climate-friendly business will reap significant financial reward. Business innovator that jump-on-board now will also have the luxury of being among the first out the gate to market their climate responsibility to drive revenue. Data shows that consumer savvy is on the rise, scrutinizing social, ethical and moral positions of business. Businesses that show they give a hoot are rewarded at the till.

So, get on the bandwagon now, before its to late, and reap some well-earned reward for being on the right side of history.


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