What you get when you work with me…

friendship with climate and earth, and a money back guarantee

Business Hero Package 1

  • reduce carbon footprint with simple technology & behavior change
  • develop a customized clientele-tailored marketing strategy to build brand and drive revenue. 
  • coach your C-suite and staff to get everyone on board, alleviate stress and anxiety & build workforce job satisfaction.

$1999 CAD

Carbon and greenhouse gas footprint measurement and cost/benefit analysis. I’ll develop a plan to reduce your greenhouse gas pollution by finding it, measuring it, quantifying it, and show you the cheapest way to get rid of it.


Business Hero Package 2

Get your own branded climate coach to reduce carbon emissions, drive revenue, relieve stress & anxiety, build job satisfaction, ease the stress organizational change, & BRAG a little.

Climate coaching packages start at $199 per month, and include everything in Pkg 1. Your own branded climate coach is a boon for prestige, reputation, morale & strategic marketing advantage. 199 minutes of business & climate coaching:

$199/month CAD

Add some pizazz to your business conference, seminar, or special event (live or on-line) by inviting a Climate Earth Coach to engage your attendees. We’ll do Live Demonstrations of Climate Earth Coaching with your attendees, who will finish the 45 minute presentation by practicing a couple basic coaching skills on each other. Its serious business, and hilarious fun. Attendees will walk away feeling energized, knowledgeable, and optimistic, with some crucial coaching self-help tools. In these times of uncertainty and change, everyone should know a few classic coaching tools to keep spirits high.

I guarantee that my climate friendly interventions will pay for themselves within one year.

Yup, this is a money back guarantee.

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