Meet Andy

The Business Scientist

Andy was the Lead Scientist and Indigenous Business Liaison at Canada’s largest environmental group for 20 years.  Many protected areas owe their existence, in part, to Andy’s scientific research, mountaineering & indigenous outreach

I founded numerous multi-cultural groups, non-profits and charities that: 1. Help Aboriginal youth entrepreneurs incubate and accelerate business ventures. 2. Develop policy & legislative solutions to environmental harm. 3. Enable coaching clients to reach peace with profound impacts of climate change. 4. Fight unapologetically for the rights of SME businesses to thrive and prosper.

I’ve been using science to drive business for decades. Starting with my MSc in rural economic development, I found that reducing energy & waste saves $, strengthens teams, drives consumer & stakeholder satisfaction. I merged Business & Science to drive change, resiliency & workforce engagement

With an MSc in Business & Environment, I’m a problem solver and design hacker who loves nothing more than helping businesses re-position to survive & thrive. I’m a gifted communications specialist, having developed and implemented branding strategies to drive revenue, boost loyalty, and expand client base. As a climate coach, I guide clients to reach inner peace, and find purpose and meaning amid chaos and uncertainty.

After I became an empty nester, I saw a gap to make an impact and leave a legacy. 

I founded three businesses.

Climate Earth Consulting

Helps SME businesses reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, save big bucks on energy costs, and market their eco hero status to drive revenue & reputation. I help leaders with entrepreneurial mindsets accelerate growth while taking dramatic action on climate and environment.

People Climate Earth

Provides climate and environmental coaching to help families, parents & kids heal divides, embrace big emotions, lead with core values, learn new behavioral skillsets, and develop communication tools to cope with grief, environmental anxiety to thrive & prosper in a world of climate, environmental, and humanitarian uncertainty.

The Climate Coaches

Coaching corporate C-suite & workforce teams stuck on developing & implementing sustainable development plans. This work, bridging business, coaching and science, involves extensive stakeholder engagement, project management, relationship & team building, disrupting to improve, commitment to organizational development, follow-through & lasting results. I use my analytical skills as a business-scientist to bring refined clarity to scope, third party & supply chain analysis for smarter sustainability practices.

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