If you’re not worried about the future, congratulations!

by | Green

It means you prospered and thrived through CO19, and “inoculated” your business with every vaccine known to humanity. If you’re not worried, its means you’ve “greened” your operations. It means you are marketing yourself as climate-earth friendly, driving new revenue by satisfying consumer demand. It means you understand and meet the needs of the next generation of savvy young consumers and clients. It means your current customers/clients will stick with you, come what may. It means your workforce is 100% on-board. However, if you ARE worried, join the crowd, most of us are. Fear is a natural response to threat, chaos, and uncertainty. The more we deny our worry about the future, the more stress and anxiety we experience. Its basic psychology.

If you are not worried about your business and the future, more than likely, something is seriously wrong with your analysis. Sorry to burst your bubble. But scientists, once they start theorizing, are almost always correct. And scientists are VERY certain about the climate crisis. They say we are pretty-much “screwed”, unless we take dramatic action, immediately, to fight the climate crisis. This should cause you to be worried about the future of your business, and even the future of humanity. Luckily, there is a lot you can do, right now, that is safe, within reach, and cheap.

Business action on climate change can be extremely powerful, largely because of the power of marketing, outreach, and communications. Sure, you can you reduce your own carbon and greenhouse gasses. That’s great. But your real power and influence comes into play when you start talking and influencing others. Showing the world that your business is climate friendly is extremely powerful. Consumers notice stuff like this. When viewed through this lens, the outreach power of an average small business is huge. Small businesses punch way beyond their weight class. Its time we realize our power, and start to save ourselves, from ourselves.

The average B2C small business has an enormous public profile. Thousands of eyeballs glance or even stare directly at your public profile every single day. Whether it’s a citizen walking past your business, a customer, a web surfer, or some random person whose eyes fall on your hardcopy or online content, you have outreach and communication power far beyond what, even you, probably imagine. Take advantage of it. A few well placed, strategically positioned words and graphics, telling the world that you are Climate Earth Friendly, has massive power to influence others. “Gee honey, did you see that business we just walked past? They had a badge on their sign that said they are Climate Earth Friendly. I’ve never seen a business take such a strong step before. The next time we need a whatchamacallit, let buy it from that business, because they are taking a stand to protect us all.”

Citizen awareness of pending environmental gloom has risen exponentially in the past few years. Data now clearly shows that businesses that assertively market themselves as environment and climate friendly not only gain citizen respect, they also increase profit margin.


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