About Climate Earth Consulting

Who Wouldn’t Want a Climate Coach?

Not only do you get a business scientist to drive revenue, you also get peace of mind about the climate crisis, with personal coaching for you and your staff. Inoculate your business against uncertainty, save the planet, and brag a little.

Climate Coaching is for any small business: B2B/B2C/Own/Rent/Home/Office. Regardless if you have declared a climate emergency, signed a climate pledge, or simply know the truth that we only have a few years left to turn the titanic.

CO19 was bad, but Runaway Climate Change could be far worse for business. Climate Coaching basically costs you nothing. Most climate friendly businesses recoup costs in short order. And afterwards, you can wear a stretchy climate hero costume and “zoom” around, like superman or wonderwoman to inspire others. Or not! It’s the most fun and meaningful way to build your company & industry profile.

I’ll walk you through a two step process

Consumers reward companies that care.

In a two-step process:

  1st,  Save $ by reducing carbon emissions and energy costs

  2nd, Drive revenue through strategic climate earth marketing

The average small business can reduce carbon for less than $1,000, and quickly recoup those costs in energy savings.

I’m a Business Scientist with the expertise to show you how to navigate the climate crisis to make your business more resilient and drive revenue.

Carbon & Greenhouse Gasses…

That’s chemistry, right?

Argghhh.  Even if you signed a climate pledge or declared an emergency, you may not know what to do nor where to turn to fight the climate crisis. Left unchecked, your business will suffer. Climate Coaching can help.

Why Carbon?

Well, it’s the source of 2/3 of your climate pollution. The average “Climate Smart” small business saved $27,000/yr cutting carbon only 11%. Research shows that strategic environmental marketing increased revenue by an average of 6% among companies that declared a Climate Emergency.

I’ll find your excess greenhouse gas emissions, eliminate them, and drive new revenue.

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