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I will identify, quantify and eliminate your wasteful carbon emissions, diversify your client base, build industry profile, increase profit margins, and strengthen market position, on a tight budget.

Climate Earth Blog

Monetize the climate crisis?

Monetize the climate crisis?

“It’s the economy, stupid”, a phrase used by Clinton to win the US presidency in 1992, was turned on its head in a 2020 cartoon depicting Swedish activist Greta Thunberg scratching out the word “economy” and replacing it with “planet”. As business owners in the 2020’s, our challenge is dependent on how to courageously follow both of these witticisms. Consumers are way ahead of business, which soon will be regulated, by law, to be environmentally friendly. The time to get ahead of the curve is now. Our survival depends on it.

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When protecting the climate and planet becomes law

When protecting the climate and planet becomes law

Soon, the “writing on the wall” will force government to regulate business, yet again. This time it will be to save us, from ourselves. Wildfires, floods and extreme weather events are just a precursor of what is coming our way. If business does not step up to the plate and dramatically cut carbon emissions, government is going to do it for you. If you wait, it will cost more and bring you little financial gain. If you jump on board now, and cleverly market your achievements, you can turn the climate crisis into economic opportunity. Less than 5%

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If you’re not worried about the future, congratulations!

If you’re not worried about the future, congratulations!

It means you prospered and thrived through CO19, and “inoculated” your business with every vaccine known to humanity. If you’re not worried, its means you’ve “greened” your operations. It means you are marketing yourself as climate-earth friendly, driving new revenue by satisfying consumer demand. It means you understand and meet the needs of the next generation of savvy young consumers and clients. It means your current customers/clients will stick with you, come what may. It means your workforce is 100% on-board. However, if you ARE worried,

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